Doubletake Samoyeds

 Korbel started her show career just shy of 7 months picking up a Specialty Reserve to a 5pt major. Her next show she was awarded a 4pt major. At 11 months old she won a huge bred-by class at the National and won Winners Bitch for a 5pt major out of 99 bitches. The following day she was given an Award of Merit in a hugely competitive breed ring.  She picked up a third major before finishing her championship at 15 months old.

he is the very first AKC Dock Diving Samoyed and earned her DN at 7 months old. Korbel has done a wonderful job in Rally easily earning her RN and RI. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 we haven't gotten her out to speed as much as we'd planned. We expect amazing things for her in the future. 

Jan 27, 2019- Ladson, SC- Bred-by- Winners/BOW- 1pt- Mrs Terry DePietro

Jan 26, 2019- Ladson, SC- Bred-by- Winners/BOW- 1pt- Mr Roger Hartinger

Dec 08, 2018- Winston-Salem, NC- Bred-by- Winners/BOW- 3pts- Dr Steve Keating

Sept 29, 2018- Gray Summit, MO- BOB- Award of Merit- Dr Carmen Battaglia (National Specialty competing from WB)

Sept 28, 2018- Gray Summit, MO- Bred-by- Winners- 5pts- Mr Eric Liebes (National Specialty over 99 bitches, breeder judge)

​June 30, 2018- Norfolk, VA- Bred-by- Winners- 2pts- Mr John Schoeneman

June 26, 2018- Richmond, VA- Bred-by- Winners- 4pts- Ms Sandy Wheat

May 27, 2018- New Castle, PA- Bred-by- 1st/Reserve- Ms Mardee Ward (Specialty reserve to a 5pt major, breeder judge)

 Korbel was our keeper from the FiSH X Ulla litter. She is a wonderful addition to our program keeping the movement we already have with the addition of a beautiful, stand off biscuit marked coat, and her correct size. 

Ch Doubletake's Champagne and Caviar RI, DN

​                       "KORBEL"