Doubletake Samoyeds

About Us

​​ As a young child Julie met a Samoyed named Butler. He roamed her neighborhood and she loved spending time with him. Julie knew that some day she would have a Samoyed. Years later Julie happened across a litter of Samoyeds being sold. She brought home her very first Samoyed. After some time she wanted another and started her search. There was an ad in the paper about a male for sale. Julie and her husband went to look at this dog only to find him kept in a small rabbit cage and extremely fearful. There was no way they were leaving him in those conditions so he came home to start a new life.  Since this dog, Major, was so fearful Julie began taking him to Obedience classes to help him gain some confidence. From there she entered the world of competitive obedience which opened the door to Conformation shows. 

 Julie soon began her search for a show dog. She reached out to Judy Kovitch of Danica Samoyeds and began the wait for her first showdog. 

  • ​August 1984 Brandy is born
  • November 1984 Silva (Ch Danica's Silver Mirage) is born
  • ​1990 Sabastian (Ch Cedarwood's Sabastian) brought to Doubletake
  • ​March 1992 Doubletake's first litter (Sabastian X Silva)- Ch Kodak, Ch Risky, and Romeo stayed here
  • ​1997 Wrigley (Ch Danica's Dbltake Doublemint) brought to Doubletake
  • Due to life in general and the sudden loss of Wrigley left Doubletake Samoyeds with no where to go
  • Dec 2003 Clover (Ch Wintersong's Lucky Charm NAP, NJP) comes to Doubletake as Brandy's foundation to restart the program
  • ​March 2006 after 13 years Doubletake's second litter (Kirby X Clover) is born- Bacchus & Ch Venus stayed here
  • Oct 2009 through a joint effort between Doubletake and Wintersong Samoyeds (Shaker X Venus) litter is born
  • Oct 2011 Higgins X Venus litter is born- GCh Ulla stayed here

Brandy started learning to show dogs at 4 years old and has been doing it ever since. After graduating high school Brandy looked into her first breeding between Wrigely and Kodak. Before that could happen Wrigley became ill and passed away. Brandy began looking for another dog to show. Donna Cummings of Wintersong Samoyeds allowed Clover to come to us which began the restart of Doubletake under Brandy's vision and the frequent collaboration between Brandy and Donna.